SaaS Companies Should be Payment Facilitators

Now that a wave of vertical SaaS companies include payments as a feature, the next wave of differentiation will come from those that become payment facilitators. Some brief education: historically, businesses that want to process credit card payments have to open a merchant account with something called an acquiring bank, which underwrites the fraud risk [...]

The Happiness Lessons I Learned Playing Doom

A good friend of mine, Chris Holmberg, often reminds me about the difference between success and winning. That distinction has been a guiding principle, and keeping them aligned has made me happy with the professional and personal choices I've made. I didn't realize it at the time, but I first learned about this playing Doom [...]

So What’s a Blockchain?

Blockchains are powerful tools, but they don’t require a computer science degree to comprehend. With almost limitless applications, let’s be thankful that the underlying concept is pretty simple. A blockchain is simply a sequential set of records that are very hard to change without the change being painfully obvious. It can be any sequence of [...]