Financial Health – Fintech’s Greatest Opportunity

Many of you know about my interest in B2B fintech, but I'm also passionate about solving issues for consumers. One of the biggest problems our society currently faces is the crushing financial distress that many families experience.  Almost 40% of the population would go into debt to cover a $400 emergency expense. Often, that debt [...]

SaaS Companies Should be Payment Facilitators

Now that a wave of vertical SaaS companies include payments as a feature, the next wave of differentiation will come from those that become payment facilitators. Some brief education: historically, businesses that want to process credit card payments have to open a merchant account with something called an acquiring bank, which underwrites the fraud risk [...]

The Happiness Lessons I Learned Playing Doom

A good friend of mine, Chris Holmberg, often reminds me about the difference between success and winning. That distinction has been a guiding principle, and keeping them aligned has made me happy with the professional and personal choices I've made. I didn't realize it at the time, but I first learned about this playing Doom [...]

So What’s a Blockchain?

Blockchains are powerful tools, but they don’t require a computer science degree to comprehend. With almost limitless applications, let’s be thankful that the underlying concept is pretty simple. A blockchain is simply a sequential set of records that are very hard to change without the change being painfully obvious. It can be any sequence of [...]